Gospel Legacy Award

The Gospel Legacy Award is given annually to an individual or an organization that has a track record of commitment to Christ.

In 2023 the Gospel Legacy Award was $25,000.00 (CAD).

Individuals and organizations from all denominations, all over the world, can participate. Those, who will be considered, must have a strong sense of calling to give the gospel to others. The knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ is of the highest importance.

The Gospel Legacy Award is a 100% award for a gospel project. The award must be used in a gospel project over the following 12 months.

Each application file stays open for three years. For example, if an application was done for the award in 2023 and didn’t receive it, the Foundation will keep the file open until 2025.

September 8, 2023 was the last day to submit the application for the Gospel Legacy Award 2023.

Thank you for the applications!

– Peter & Taina Youngren